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Your Digital Transformation Guide

Discover the four sights of connected accounting, and see how to accelerate your firm's digital transformation.

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Digital and cloud technology has changed bookkeeping forever by automating and simplifying financial tasks – and now it’s the turn of the rest of accounting.

Success in the future will come to those firms that use technology to connect real-time client data with automated workflows and then collaborate with clients to get their compliance work completed efficiently. Freeing up valuable time to invest in understanding their clients’ businesses and using the data and insights their technology provides to power their advisory services. All within one, integrated cloud accounting platform.


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The four stages or sights of connected accounting, and how to accelerate your firm's digital transformation.


Why connected accounting will make you more productive, improve competitiveness and unlock new advisory revenue streams.


A roadmap for a successful digital transformation built on the experience of leading accounting firms internationally.

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