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Unlock more advisory services revenue

Learn how real-time and historical data and powerful analytics tools give accountants insight into what’s happening behind the numbers.

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To be a valued and trusted business advisor, you need to understand the numbers and offer insight based on them. You need to know why performance has changed, learn from that, and offer detailed advice to improve a client’s business.

We call this having Insight. Using technology, data and analytics tools to look at the story behind the financial data. To share advice that makes a profound difference to your clients.

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Learn how to use technology to get insight

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Pinpoint the exact reasons why financial performance has changed.


Offer personalised advice based on a client’s data and compare it easily with industry best practice across your portfolio.


Identify areas to offer new advisory services based on common client issues.

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Dig deeper into your client’s business to understand the story behind the numbers and give yourself the tools to be their most trusted advisor.

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