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Technology Trends in Accounting

Discover the progress accountancy firms have made in their business and client service transformation, and what impact the pandemic has had on their use of technology.

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In our last research, 76% of firms said they believed their main source of revenue would come from advisory services by 2025. But at the time, they felt ill-equipped to unlock insights from their clients’ financial data to make this possible.

It’s time to see what progress they've made changing that situation.

Technology Trends in Accounting offers a fascinating insight into how firms have changed their approach to technology to support their business and client service transformation.

While progress has been made, there is still work to be done.


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88% of firms increased technology usage during the pandemic

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Advisory services still predicted to be main source of revenue in five years but it's only true for 14% of firms. No change in a year

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Just 25% can create automated alerts to support them in delivering proactive advice to clients

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Discover more about the technology maturity of accounting in 2021, and measure your own progress against your peers.

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